After not riding for 15 years, I decided to take what I thought was a refresher course in riding a motorcycle. To my surprise, I learned more about riding in two days than I did in years of riding in my teens. John, the instructor, was great. He was calm, confident, and demonstrated all of the exercises with precision. He gave direct personal attention to any rider who had a question or showed any struggle on the course. I gained confidence, and a definite respect for the serious fun of riding a motorcycle. Highly recommended to anyone who is considering taking this class. Don't wait, sign up. Its totally worth it.

- Micah Parrish 2/17/17

Travis and Bret were absolutely amazing. They made sure we understood every exercise. We were given verbal directions, demonstrations, and step by step body position and bike positioning practice prior to every exercise. I would recommend this class to any and everyone.

- LeAndrea Barksdale 1/29/17

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